A Cute Spot for Photos in TaiChung

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood dotted with farms on the outskirts of TaiChung City (臺中市) proper, this small complex of buildings is a neat little attraction if you're looking for a great place to take some photos. Its called 黃永阜 and comes up on any map software.

The story goes that an old man was at risk of losing his house because it had not been maintained properly. In a bid to prevent the government from tearing down his place he set to work painting the facades, sidewalks, and even the pipes around his home. Due to his creative use of colors, characters, and photogenic slogans his place became a bit of a tourist attraction. Then a small park got built next door and his house, which despite being somewhat ill kept, has survived to this day. 

Visiting the house is free and there is free parking on the streets nearby and in a lot which connects to the playground. Many of the designs from the house have been turned into postcards and stickers which can be purchased from a stand set up inside the home's main courtyard. Considering that the artist lived here until recently - we have been told...but he might still live there - it's not a bad way to show support for someone who got creative to preserve what they valued most and lets you visit free of charge.

If you like photos you'll want about half an hour to get through all your poses and faces in front of the myriad designs. If you just want to check it out you'll need about ten minutes to really soak it all in, grab a few photos and get back on your way.

Of all the places you could wind up in TaiChung, this one is definitely different and originally memorable. If you've got the time, it's well worth a short but rewarding visit. Perhaps best of all, in comparison to other attractions in this city there is no traffic and parking is abundant.