If Only Dogs Really Did This

On a recent mission to back up all of the old photos on my phone I came across this photo which still made me laugh. It's the sort of classic photo mash up that quietly works its way into Taiwanese society, and you'd miss it if you weren't taking your time to enjoy the little things.

The caption loosely translates to "clean up after your pet. Don't leave s**t on the ground".

Considering the punishment is can be as steep as 6,000 NT I'm surprised there aren't more tickets about dog poop. But then again, when you consider how many dogs run around without owners or just roaming the neighborhood till they are let back into the house, it's a miracle there isn't a ton more gold lying in wait along the streets of Taiwan.

Found the picture at JiuFen 九份 near a wooden ocean overlook. The following photo was also taken from the same spot, just 180 degrees in the other direction. Not "Spirited Away" worthy, but a very nice sight after a good laugh.